Cadenaba / Cadenava / Cainava (33557 Ponga, Asturias) Teléfono (34) 678 78 20 36 Latitud: 43º 11' 58" N Longitud: 005º 10' 54" W Altura: 464 m We comply with current regulations regarding Health and Tourism. As an additional precaution, we establish a 48-hour period between the check out and the check in of our guests. The total disinfection and the ventilation of the house is guaranteed. Guests have masks, gloves and disinfectant hand gel at their disposal. Remember this is a full rental house, so won’t share rooms neither common spaces with strangers. The house is on the outskirts of a town called Cainava where only 10 people live   there. It has its own and exclusive parking. The garden and terrace of the property can be use only by our guests. So far in Ponga there have been no cases of Covid-19 and we continue to take all precautions to avoid it. Collaborate and enjoy this wonderful nature! Covid 19 -  El Rincón de Mon